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1943 - 2017

I would like to say a little something about Arthur Cohen, my instructor, mentor and friend. Meeting Mr. Cohen was a turning point in my life.  He instilled many valuable lessons in my personal life and martial arts career, many that I have passed on to my own students.  We spent countless hours together on and off the deck, and would talk about everything and anything. Through him, I have met hundreds of other martial artists.  He encouraged me to teach and helped in developing the many seminars I have been fortunate to share with others. Although he never wanted us to use the title, I know, I will never meet another person like “Master” Arthur Cohen.
May he now rest in peace

In Memory of Master Arthur Cohen

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Founder/Master Instructor: Arthur Cohen - 9th Dan

About Arthur Cohen




the Defensive Tactics. Newsletter for research and development in the field of criminal justice defensive tactics and personal safety training.

I wanted to once again thank Master Arthur Cohen's friends, colleges and students for the recognition they have bestowed on him. He was a major influence on them and the martial arts. Above is a reprinted of this acknowledgement. 

  • Member of the National Speaker's Association and Who's Who in Professional Speakers.
  • Member of Who's Who in Law Enforcement Trainers.
  • Member of Who's Who in Karate.
  • Member of Who's Who in American Martial Arts.
  • Nominated for Who's Who in American Teachers.
  • Recipient of the 1996 Leadership Award by

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  • Certified and/or Trained in numerous police programs e.g. ISC Control Points, PPCT Pressure Points, Handgun Retention, Police Baton, Pepper Spray etc.
  • 9th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.
  • Director of Training ISC Control Points
  • Certified Instructor in Arnis de Mano (Philippine Stick & Knife Fighting)
  • Listed as an "expert witness" in 7 state and regional law directories covering 20+ states.
  • Graduate of "Stand Up University" at Governor's Comedy Club and
    ​    a "certified" funny guy.
  • Featured Speaker, New Jersey Governor's Safety Award Program 1996.