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David Washington's
Kan Bu Kan Karate School

Chief Instructor: David Washington, 6th Dan


David Washington lives a life of self-determination by humbly serving God, his family and his community. Having grown up in a  neighborhood of extreme poverty in the South Bronx, David knows what it means to fight for his own path. He is a warrior, not in the Hollywood sense, but through wisdom in the face of conflict.

In 1968 while playing softball at the age of 14, David was attacked by a group of ten boys. His entire softball team “left him” to fend for himself while only his identical twin brother, Marc, stood by him during this onslaught. He was severely beaten and knew from this experience that he had to learn self-defense to survive adolescence in the South Bronx. In 1970, he joined the Japanese Goju-Ryu Karate dojo, and stayed committed even though traveling there was a challenge, due to the high
crime climate of the South Bronx area.

By 1972, David began training with Master Kim of the Sang Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do after seeing him in a demonstration at C.W. Post College (L.I.U). Though only able to pay for one month’s training, David was blessed by Master Kim’s generosity, which allowed David to continue studying at his dojang in return for cleaning the floors and bathrooms. Master Kim was a true mentor, taking David to golf outings, tournaments and dinners with the most senior Tae Kwon Do masters in the United States. Master Kim was selected as Assistant Coach of the USA Tae Kwon Do Team in 1973 for the 1st World TKD Championships, Seoul, Korea. Mr. Washington was also was trained by Mr. Vernon Slader (Ji Do Kwan T.K.D). Mr. Slader was a student of GM S. Henry Cho 9th Dan.


Our School
The Kanbukan School is focused on “Classical Martial Arts Trainging” in a modern world.

Our” Primary Goal” is to use the Martial Arts to build better human beings. Love, Respect, Perseverance, Focus, Patience, Courage, Humility, wellness / fitness are our key tenets.

We have senior, adult males and females, teens, pre teens and children in our program. We are a martial arts school. This is a place of learning. We have locations in New York and Orlando Florida. Come train with one of Americans most “Qualified” Teachers.


More About Mr. Washington
  • 6th degree black belt
  • 36 years of Martial Arts Experience
  • New York City Police Department (20 years)
  • U.S. Army “Red Beret” 82ND Airborne Division INF, (Rapid Deployment Force)
  • “Detective Senior Master Instructor”  NYC Police Academy  Tactics/Weapons
  • Adjunct Professor Long Island University Karate Inst Training Program
  • FBI Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor
Hall Of Fame Recipient:
  • GM Shiak Henry Cho’s “All American Open Hall Of Fame”
  • Budo International  Magazine: “Police/Military Instructor of  The Year”
  • Action Martial Arts Magazine: “Lifetime Spirit Award”
  • Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura: Karate Recognition Award
  • GM Peter Urban / GM Al Gotay Karate Appreciation Award
  • Writer: Budo International  Magazine and American Samurai Magazine
  • Tournament Champion / Finalist 1971 – 2000
Seminars Attended  
  • O. Ozawa
  • Al Gotay
  • Fumio Demura
  • Louis Delgado
  • William Oliver
  • Tsugo Sakumoto
  • M. Yahara
  • E. Ota
  • Francisco Mansur
  • Moses Powell
  • Little John Davis
  • Norman Robinson
  • Bob Engle
  • Bill Wallace
  • John Mullin
  • Tony Archival
  • Relson Gracie
  • Shoto Tanemura
  • Ralph Gastiaburo
  • Dennis Bootle
  • Thomas Boodie


David Washington's
Kan Bu Kan Karate School

Telephone: N/A



Homepage: http://davidwashingtonkarate.com




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