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Duncan's Martial Arts Academy

Chief Instructor: Rudy Duncan, 6th Dan



About Rudy Duncan
SiGung Rudy Duncan began training in the martial arts in 1961, studying Tae Kwon Do in Syracuse, New York. In 1969, SiGung Duncan switched styles, studying Shorin-Goju karate until 1978. At this time, he began training in Shaolin Kempo, first under the Fred Villari system and eventually with Nick Cerio's organization. SiGung Duncan's instructor was 8th degree black belt, Professor James Bryant of Masters Self Defense Centers. He teaches Karazenpo Go Shinjutsu Shaolin Kempo in Syracuse, New York. The lineage of this art runs through Nick Cerio, and Grandmaster George Pesare to it's founder, Grandmaster Victor "Sonny" Gascon.

SiGung Duncan continues to train with many of the martial artists in the Central New York area. He also encourages instructors of other styles to guest teach seminars at his dojo. Area instructors such as Sifu Dan Donzella have been frequent guests at Duncan's Martial Arts Academy. This has led to a diverse martial arts knowledge base which SiGung Duncan draws upon to provide his students with the best possible training.

SiGung Duncan has also conducted numerous community based seminars on youth violence. As a certified social worker, he has published several articles outlining strategies for teaching troubled youth. He has also written articles discussing methods for teaching karate to youth with special needs such as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders.


About Us
Duncan's Martial Arts Academy is the culmination of over thirty years of martial arts training by SiGung Edward R. "Rudy" Duncan.  After spending many years training in a variety of styles ranging from Aikido to Tae Kwon Do and Kali-Escrima, SiGung Duncan began teaching Kempo around 1980.  Over the next 20 years, SiGung Duncan taught in several locations such as Geddes, Camillus, Baldwinville, Court Street, and the North Area Athletic Club on Pond Street in 1998.  As part of the North Area Athletic Club, the focus of SiGung Duncan's teachings became the youth of the surrounding neighborhood.  While teaching at the North Area Athletic Club, SiGung Duncan had a policy of free martial arts instruction for anyone under 18 years of age allowed the Academy to positively impact the lives of many "at risk" youth. SiGung Duncan and the Instructors are very proud of the students that came to that location and how they have grown to become positive role models.

In 2004, Duncan's Martial Arts Academy moved to its new location. Located now on New Court Ave, SiGung Duncan and his instructors continue their dedication to the students and families providing affordable quality instruction.

The objective of the adult program is to develop well rounded martial artists, who have both the historical knowledge of their art as well as the ability to use it in an emergency situation.  SiGung Duncan often invites masters of other styles to the Academy to guest teach.  This allows the students to gain additional martial arts knowledge beyond the Kempo realm.



Directions To This Location


Duncan's Martial Arts Academy
3717 New Court Ave.
Syracuse, NY 13206






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