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Tai Chi Chuan: Instructor Cheng Hsiang Yu
The "Great Dance of Health", or the “Great Ultimate” has been a vital part of Oriental life for over one thousand years. Within the scope of Tai Qi, as I believe it should be instructed, is Meditation, QI or "Life Force" development, Qi Gung, Martial Arts, Taoism, in addition to exercise, relaxation, and the less well known health benefits.

It is an art that requires very little physical strength since an attacker's force is never stopped. Instead it is redirected into a circular path where the attacker is then easily unbalanced and then either thrown or immobilized with various twisting movements of the arms and wrists. Since physical strength is not emphasized, women, children, and older adults can gain the benefits of Aikido training. In place of physical strength, mental strength is developed which is similar to that of the hypnotized subject. This is an aspect of the meditative training and may be described as "extending the mind throughout one's body." 

Enso Dojo Classes
Tae Kwon Do • Shorin Ryu
​Tai Chi Chuan

I-Liq Chuan (spin hands) 
Arnis • Aikido •  Iaido

Aikido Plus • Combat Cane

Seminars Attended

Adler, Nick   - "Bo Staff Basics"
Alexander, George  - "Introduction to White Crane Karate                                         (Okinawa Hakutsuru Kenpo)"
Anthony, Vincent  - "Defending against edged weapons" "                                       Obi Jitsu"
Arcuri, Tom  - "Role Playing Rules for Improved Self-                                    Defense Training"
Carbonara, Joseph - "traditional Okinawan Shorin Ryu                                              training"
Cardona, Mark   -"White Crane Kung-Fu"
Chin, Sam   - "Chin Na" "Yearly 4 Day Intensive"
Cohen, Arthur   - "ISC Control Points"  "Guide to Surviving                               a Riot or Civil Disturbance" 
                              "PSDI Training System"
Dammann, Chris  - "Power & Fury, Competition Bo"  "ICS                                   Weaponology"
Derderian, Raffi & Susan  -"Filipino Martial Arts " "Stand                                                  Up Ju-Jitsu Flow Drill"
Doresy, Matt - "  Bo vs Bo - Bo vs Sai"
Figgiani, Jerry  - "Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo-jutsu"                                                 "traditional Okinawan Shorin Ryu training"
Fong, Francis   - "Wing Chung"
Guccione, Dave   - "Defending Against a Mugger With a                                        Knife"  "Sai Training" "Dirty Fighting"
Hartsell, Larry  - "Jeet Kune Do Grappling Seminar"
Inosanto, Dan   - "Kali/Arnis/Eskrima - Jeet Kune Do 2 Day                              Workshop"
Jackson, Susan   -"Weapons Sparring - Jo and Bo"
Jay, Wally   - "Theory of The Small Circle"
Koeng, Dr.   - "Penjat Silat, Jakarta System"
Lacava, Chris   - "Intro to Acupressure"  "Hard Core Joint                                  Locking" 
                            "Tactical Knife Proficiencies: Retention &                             Obstructions"

Lavigne, Roland - "Qigong for the Martial Artist"
Lewis, Joe   - "Training Sparring Seminar"

Malik, Andrea - "Qigong for the Martial Artist"
Marinas, Mat - Arnis Lanada System
McCarthy, Patrick Hanshi  - "Discover Lost Practices"
Moore, Charlie - "S.P.E.A.R. system tactics for edged                                        weapons"
Oddy, Dave - "Practical Combative Applications of                                       Okinawa Karate"
Seaman, Kevin   - "Philippine Stick Fighting"
Stone, Mike  - "Fighting Tactics"
Streeter, Robert   - "Intro to Kendo"  
Therien, John - "Jujitsu Self Defense"   
Wallace, Bill   - "Supper Foot - Tournament Fighting"
Yahagi Kunikazu - Iaido / Ryushin Jigen Ryu "Advnace                                       Jigen system"
Yamada, Sensei Yoshimitsu   - "Aikido Principles"

Martial Arts Resume - starting in 1973
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I-Liq Chuan: Instructor Sam Chin
A style of Kung Fu based solely on physical sensitivity and sensorial mind awareness. It does not develop techniques for dealing with particular situations; which just create another habit. Through the learning process, (which is merely to recognize and realize, not to accumulate or imitate) the student begins to understand how "mental and physical" 

Sensei Charles is the creator of Aikido Plus (adding circular motion to your martial arts). He has been training in various martial arts for over 43 years.  He is currently a 6th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and head instructor at the Tang Soo Do Karate Center one of the oldest schools on Long Island, NY, founded by Arthur Cohen in 1967.

He is also a 3rd degree black belt in Iaido (the art of Japanese sword) and co-founder of Toko “Eastern Tiger” school of Iaido.

Floor Fighting/Getting to the Floor Safely (Not MMA)
Instructor Arthur Cohen

Beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques in an area of Martial Art instruction often neglected by other systems. According to statistics, most self-defense situations end up with someone on the ground. You need to know how to get there safely and what to do once you’re there. 

Iaido: Instructors Art McConnell / Phil Ortiz

​               Soke Kunikazu Yahagi
Popularly known as “the art of drawing the sword", Iaido is the contemporary legacy of the samurai of feudal Japan. A professional warrior class, both samurai men and women practiced warrior skills. Hayashizake Jinsuke Shigenobu is considered the legendary founder of Iaido as a concept and practice distinct from sword fighting in the 16th century, paralleling the development of a unified country. 

Arnis: Instructor Arthur Cohen / Amante Marinas
               Arnis Lanada Manila, Philippines

A product of the Philippines, specializes in stick and knife fighting, typical of the Martial Arts of the southwestern Pacific region.  Arnis turns a simple stick or rolled magazine into a lethal weapon, while not ignoring the empty hand and foot techniques.  To this day, Arnis Masters are the Spiritual Leaders and Healers of their communities.


He recently returned from the Hombu dojo in Okinawa, headed by Sensei Jerry Figgiani president / founder of SRKDI Shorin Ryu Karate Do International.  Charles was awarded his 1th degree black belt in Shogen-Ryu Karate-Do Kyokai and Shorin Ryu Karate Do International under Chairman Takeshi Tamaki and President Jerry Figgiani.  The Enso Dojo is the continuing culmination of Charles Barrett’s 43 years in martial arts.​

affect each other and starts to develop the skill to unify and coordinate them. The student needs to recognize the six physical points and three mental factors in the training system. You train through the process of understanding your muscular movement, body structure  (skeletal, ligaments and tendons, incorporating chi (energy) and your mental process. Relaxation is an essential component of the art. Relaxation contains the process of looseness, softness, elasticity, and fa jing (issuing power). As soon as an I-Liq Chuan practitioner touches an opponent's hands or body, he can feel instantly where the opponent's weight and center of gravity is and what strike or technique the opponent is going to use. Ultimately, the I-Liq Chuan practitioner is able to sense the opponent's intention without contact, through awareness. He can redirect the force and use it against the opponent or incorporate the use of fa jing (energy release strikes) depending on the threat level. 

Weapons Studied

Ken (wooden sword)
Katana (Samaria sword)
Iaito (unsharpened practice blade for Iaido)
Bo (6 foot staff)
Jo (4 foot staff)
Hanbo (3 foot staff)
Escrima Sticks (Arnis De Mano)
Edged Weapons (knife, balisong, machete)
PR-24 Batoon
Tai Chi sword
Tonfa / Tuifa
3 Sectional Staff
Kama / Sickle
French Foil
Shuriken (throwing stars)
Throwing Darts

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2015 - Aikido / Iaido Jo and  From I-Liq Chuan to Aikido / Staff Instructor and Demonstrator  Super Summer Seminars, Herkimer County Community College, Herkimer, NY​​

2015 - Certificate of Recognizing in Karate-Do  issued by Chairman Takeshi Tamaki and President Jerry Figgiani in the name of the Qualifications Review Board of the Kokusai Shogen-Ryu Karate-Do and Shorin Ryu Karate Do International. :)

2015 - Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt) Traditional Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karatedo under Sensei Jerry Figgiani

2015 - Appointed to Board of Directors  Shorin Ryu Karatedo International

2014 - Sandan (3rd Degree Black Belt)  in Ryushin Shouchi-ryu Iaido under the guidance of Soke Kunikazu Yahagi and Master Phil Ortiz of the New York Budokai

2014 - 6th Degree Black Belt / Senior Student / Head Instructor and Owner Tang Soo Do Karate Center  under Arthur Cohen Master Instructor / Founder

2012 - Nidan (second degree Black Belt) in Ryushin Shouchi-ryu Iaido under the guidance of Souke Kunikazu Yahagi and Master Phil Ortiz of theNew York Budokai

2011 - Shodan  (1st Degree Black Belt)in Ryushin Shouchi-ryu Iaido under the guidance of Souke Kunikazu Yahagi and Master Phil Ortiz of the New York Budokai   

2011 - 2012 Official Branch Dojo for Tang Soo Do Karate Center  Koryu Uchinadi under Hanshi Patrick McCarthy

2011 - Combat Aikido / Combat Cane Seminars / Staff Instructor and Demonstrator  Super Summer Seminars, Herkimer County Community College, Herkimer, NY

2011  - Tai Chi Chuan (in chair) for Avalon Wellness Center, Smithtown, NY  

2010 - Aikido Seminars / Staff Instructor and Demonstrator  Super Summer Seminars, Herkimer County Community College, Herkimer, NY

2010 - Ranked Mudansha - Koryu Uchinadi under Hanshi Patrick McCarthy

2010 - New Co-Owner: Tang Soo Do Karate Center

2009 - Shodan - Aikido Suffolk Institute for Eastern Studies under head instructor Howard Pashenz, Ph.D. 6th Dan

2009 - Aikido Seminars / Staff Instructor and Demonstrator  Super Summer Seminars, Herkimer County Community College, Herkimer, NY  

2008 - Nidan Iaido - Instructor certificate under  Master Art McConnellTozai  Iai Kai System 

2008 - 5th Degree Black Belt/Senior Student,  Tae Kwon Do, under Arthur Cohen Master Instructor / Founder, Tang Soo Do Karate Center 

2008 - Krav Maga Instructors, Board of Advisors - IKI  

2008/2009 -  Member of the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society (IRKRS)  under Patrick McCarthy Hanshi 

2008 - Aikido and I Liq Chaun Seminars / Staff Instructor and DemonstratorSuper Summer Seminars, Colgate College, Hamilton, NY

2008 - 1st Kyu - Aikido Suffolk Institute for Eastern Studies under head instructor Howard Pashenz, Ph.D. 6th Dan 

2007 - Shodan Iaido under  Tozai  Iai Kai System    

2007 - 2009 I-Liq Chuan Instructor Empire State Karate, Smithtown, NY  

2007 - Aikido and I Liq Chaun Seminars / Staff Instructor and Demonstrator  at Super Summer Seminars 25th Year Anniversary, Colgate College, Hamilton, NY

2006 - Taigu Shodan under  Tozai  Iai Kai System
Tai Chi Workshop for Lucille Roberts Women's Health Club - Stony Brook, NY

2006 - Instructor ISC Control Points

2006 - 2007 I-Liq Chuan and Tai Chi instructor for  Nesconset Library - Smithtown, NY  

2006 - Ikkyu in Iaido under Master Art McConnell  Tozai  Iai Kai System

2006 - Present  -  I-Liq Chuan and Tai Chi instructor for Adult Education, Smithtown, NY  

2006 - 2008  I-Liq Chuan Tai Chi instructor at World Gym Wantagh, NY  

2006 - Aikido and I Liq Chaun instructor and Demonstrator at Super Summer Seminars, Colgate College, Hamilton, NY

2005 - Instructor of Grand Master Sam Chin, I-Liq Chuan

2005 - Sankyu in Iaido “the art of drawing the sword” under Master Art McConnell  Tozai  Iai Kai System

2005 Tai Chi Workshop for Outreach Project  Family Wellness Day, Brentwood, NY

2005 Demonstrator at the Super Summer Seminars, Hamilton, NY 

2005 - 4th Degree Black Belt/Senior Student , Moo Duk Kwan, Tae Kwon Do, under Master Arthur Cohen, Tang Soo Do Karate & Arnis Center

2004 - Present: Disciple, 2nd generation, of Grand Master Sam Chin, I-Liq Chuan

1997 -  I-Liq Chuan student of Grand Master Sam Chin  
Tai Chi Chuan Student of Master Yu Cheng Hsiang   

1989 - Member of The United States Aikido Federation at the Suffolk Institute for Eastern Studies  under head instructor Howard Pashenz, Ph.D. 6th Dan  

1986 3rd Degree Black Belt, Moo Duk Kwan, Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do Karate & Arnis Center

1985 Demonstrator at the Oriental World of Self Defense, Nassau Coliseum, NY

1984 -1985 Who's Who In American Martial Arts  

1983  Hadji of World Arnis Lanada Federation

1983 2nd Degree Black Belt, Moo Duk Kwan, Tae Kwon Do Tang Soo Do Karate & Arnis Center

1981 1st Degree Black Belt, Moo Duk Kwan, Tae Kwon Do Tang Soo Do Karate & Arnis Center

1978 -1989: Head Instructor for Karate Program at YMCA Smithtown, NY

1978 1st Degree Black Belt, Chung Do Kwan, Tae Kwon Do, Duk Sung Son

1973 Started first formal training at YMCA Smithtown, NY

​​Martial Disciplines Studied:

Tae Kwon Do: Instructor Arthur Cohen
Tae Kwon Do is a Korean Martial Art designed for unarmed self defense and counterattacks. Tae Kwon Do is the art of kicking and punching. It incorporates the linear movements of Karate ((Okinawan-Japanese style of fighting) and flowing circular patterns of Kung Fu (Chinese styles). It is greatly know for its unique kicking techniques not comparable to any of the two mentioned styles.  
In photo (l-r) Lee Bissell, Charles Barrett, Master Arthur Cohen, Master Richard Chun, Chris Caponegro, Marc Redgate.

Aikido: Instructor Howard Pashenz, Ph.D.
Aikido is a non-violent Japanese Martial Art strongly influenced by Zen Buddhism. While teaching an effective form of self defense that does not inflict serious permanent injury, it demonstrates a way of achieving harmony with nature. In this instance one learns to harmonize with an attacker's force. The Aikido student learns a calm, balanced way of being that can be generalized to include all aspects of life. At more advanced levels, Aikido practice has been described as "meditation in motion."

"Shorin." Therefore, it is correct to refer to the school as "Matsubayashi-ryū", "Shōrin-ryū", or "Matsubayashi Shōrin-ryū". Most people today choose one of the "Matsubayashi" variants in order to avoid confusion with the other many schools of Shōrin-ryū. Nagamine Shōshin also credited Motobu Chōki as the teacher who inspired his seven Yakusoku kumite forms. Today, the official Matsubayashi-ryū organization is run by Shōshin Nagamine's son, Takayoshi Nagamine, though there are many schools teaching Matsubayashi-ryū that are not officially affiliated with the Nagamine dojo.

Matsubayashi-ryū is one of the better-documented traditional karate styles, owing to Nagamine's book, The Essence of Okinawan Karate-dō  as well as Tales of the Masters.

​​Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu:

​   Instructor Jerry Figgiani
(松林流), also known as Matsubayashi Shōrin-ryū, is a school of Okinawan Shōrin-ryū karate founded by Shōshin Nagamine (1907-1997) in 1947. Its curriculum includes 18 kata, 7 two-man yakusoku kumite (prearranged sparring) routines, and kobudō (weapons) practice.

Nagamine named his school in honor of masters whom he viewed as two of the most important forebears of Shōrin-ryū, Matsumura Sōkon and Kosaku Matsumora. He chose to name the school using kanji characters that can be prounounced in Japanese either as "Matsubayashi" or as 

Instructor: Charles Barrett, 6th Degree Black Belt
Head Instructor and Senior Student of Prof. Author Cohen
Owner of this site and Co-Owner: Tang Soo Do Karate Center
Sensei Barrett is Available for Private / Small Group Instruction and Seminars 

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