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Fear Knot Martial Arts

Chief Instructor:
Keith Wilkes, 4th Dan 


Beginning his Taekwondo training at the age of 15 within the International Taekwondo Federation, Master Wilkes began training under the supervision of Master Joseph Fox, 7th Dan, at the Harrisburg Institute of Taekwondo, in 1993. He is a published author, speaker and the Pennsylvania School Support Network Representative for the National Association of Professional Martial Artists. Master Wilkes is one of the first 100 martial artists to pass the Instructor Certification requirements of the American Council on Martial Arts. He earned an A.S. in General Studies from Vincennes University in 1980 and a B.A. in Broadcast Communications from Metropolitan State College of Denver in 1990. A self defense instructor at the Harrisburg Area Community College Lancaster Campus, Master Wilkes is also a Certified Fitness Kickboxing Instructor.


Literally translated, Tae means "foot", kwon means "fist", and do means "the way" or "the art", so Taekwondo is "the way of the foot and fist" and is the synthesis of many Korean Martial Arts. Martial arts evolved from centuries-old techniques that were originally developed by farmers who learned to use their bodies and simple field tools to defend their farmlands and villages against invaders. Taekwondo became an official "medal" sport in the 2000 Olympics.

Taekwondo is much more than just kicking and punching. It is designed to be an enjoyable and non-violent art system of  physical and mental disciplining. It’s challenging and, best of all, it’s fun! Students learn practical self-defense skills as they increase their strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility. Along with helping you lose weight and get in great shape, studying Taekwondo can reduce stress and help you learn to focus your thoughts and energy, not only on the training floor but in everyday life. As students advance they learn how to overcome weaknesses and develop new strengths. More advanced students learn how to control the energy born of a physical confrontation. They are then able to apply these same principles to control real conflicts before they become physical.

Tenets of Taekwondo

Taekwondo not only enhances the body and mind but can also uplift the spirit through practicing the philosophies stressed by the Tenets of Taekwondo.

  • Courtesy - Respect, manners: always treat others as you would like to be treated.

  • Integrity - Be honest with yourself. Always stand for and do what you know is right.

  • Self-Control - Focus your thoughts; control your emotions, your body and your physical and mental reactions.

  • Perseverance - Keep working toward reaching your goals and obtaining your dreams no matter how hard or far away they seem. Never give up!

  • Indomitable Spirit - Unbeatable spirit. If you get knocked down, either mentally or physically, always get back on your feet.


Fear Knot Martial Arts
3 Convenient Locations


Directions To This Location
Fear Knot Martial Arts
15 Center Square
Elizabethtown, PA  17022

Directions To This Location

Fear Knot Martial Arts
1285 Manheim Pike
Lancaster, PA  17601

Directions To This Location
Fear Knot Martial Arts
2285 West Harrisburg Pike
Middletown, PA  17057


Homepage: http://www.fearknot-martialarts.com




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