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Instructor: Kancho Terry Maccarrone, 8th Dan

WHO WE ARE at Karate USA Dojo

Karate USA Kancho Terry Maccarrone Shihan 45 Years experience under Master Ansei Ueshiro Tan Mei Kyoshi ,Maccarrone was awarded 7th Dan Kyoshi Title in 1992 by Sensei Ueshiro In 2001 Sensei Maccarrone was designated Kancho head of family by Ansei Ueshiro for his work in Teaching Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu Okinawan Karate and Kobudo. Maccarrone has established the Juniors Under 21 Karate exhibition in 2000 at St Joseph's College to honor the Legacy of Ansei Ueshiro in the USA with special awards to Champion Competitors........

The Ansei Ueshiro Tan Mei Ryukyu Kingdom award.....

The 47 Ronin Award see 

the Kokoro USA contributions to martial arts recognition award

Terry Maccarrone has been a Professional Karate and Martial Arts Instructor since 1976 membership in International Organizations as Kokusai Budo-in Tokyo Japan;  International Ryukyu Karate Research Society Tokyo Japan, United States Karate-Do Kai Peoria Illinois, Hara-Ha Buke Budo Long Island NY USA

Awarded 8th Dan Kyoshi 2002 From members USA Hanshi/Kyoshi Masters of New York signed by Five Sempai


We Teach Traditional Karate

Our program is taught by instructors prepared in the Old Fashioned way of learning. Discipline and Hard Work are the only ways to achieve success. Karate-do is first about Respect... for Family, for Work and for Country. The First and Last Rule is "Always show courtesy to all" Good evening Sensei !!!! Commitment is necessary, set you goal...we will provide you with all that is required to learn at your own pace. There is No competition, it is only about you, commited to work one day at a time. Try our personal introductry course and see for yourself. Now look at our Personal Instruction program: 1 0n 1 KarateUSA...private and semi-private lessons in your home or at our dojo see

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Shorinryu Karate USA
Westhampton Beach   
Old Riverhead Road • North Mall
Dance Centre of the Hamptons
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