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The International Seieido Federation

Chief Instructor:
David D. Johnson, 9th Dan


Professor Johnson began his journey into the world of Martial Arts in 1959. For over four decades he has studied more than a dozen styles of martial arts. In 1996 he was named “Master Instructor of the Year” by the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and listed internationally in the Who is Who in Martial Arts. He is also a member of the prestigious Martial Arts History Museum.

He is recognized worldwide as one the foremost experts in unarmed self-defense and is credited for developing one of the most complete self-defense systems in the world, Seieido (The Elite Path of Mastery).

By blending...

  • the powerful strikes and kicks of Shotokan and Taekwondo,
  • the lighting fast hand techniques of Shoshu, Wing Chun, and Jeet Kune Do,
  • the Joint Locks and throwing techniques of Aikido, Hapkido, Hwa Rang Do, Aikijutsu and Judo,
  • combined with Non-aggressive Control Holds,
  • Nerve Stimulation,
  • Knife and Gun Defense and Retention,
  • Advanced Ground Fighting Skills,
  • and Tactical Firearm Training,

Professor Johnson has developed a system that lacks nothing except an individual’s desire to obtain an “Elite Level” of personal self-defense ability.




About Us
The International Seieido Federation was established for one important purpose, to empower the masses with realistic and effective self-defense skills that are presented in an easy-to-learn training format accessible to all and by maintaining a teaching curriculum that is forever evolutionary and consistently cutting edge.


Directions To This Location

The International Seieido Federation
7944 N. Maple Ave., #112
Fresno, CA 93720

Telephone: 559-917-5262

Fax: 559-322-2152


Homepage: http://www.masterjohnson.com



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