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Mr. Nanos operates a private practice in Bellmore, NY. He employs various modalities in his Oriental Healing Practice including Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, medical massage and AMMA, an Oriental massage modality of Korean derivation as well as acupressure. Patients may be offered suggestions in Eastern Nutrition, Diet and Remedies, Chinese Herbal Medications, Tai Qi, Qi Gong, Meditation and/or Yoga activity.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
"To restore and maintain the Balance of the Body’s Energetic System to Manifest Optimal Health for the Body’s Physical/ Emotional Systems"

Oriental Massage Therapy

The manipulation and palpation of the body in a refined manner, combining TCM assessment and treatment principles. Manipulation of the superficial and deep tissues and structures including muscles and organs, affects the flow of energy in the channels in the primary, the tendinomuscular and cutaneous regions, treating a wide range of conditions.

Contact Us:

Oriental Martial & Healing Arts
738 Farmers Ave.
Bellmore, N.Y. 11710-3813
(516) 221-2503 • FAX (516) 783-9121

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that Acupuncture is suitable for the treatment of the following disorders: 1) Mouth, Ear, Nose and Throat; 2) Respiratory; 3) Gastrointestinal; 4) Eye; 5) Nervous and Muscular-Skeletal System. Mr. Nanos uses TCM in the treatment of Behavioral/Emotional Disorders including stress, anxiety, panic disorders, anger management, sleep disorders, OCD, PTSD, unresolved sadness/grief, depression, irritability, moodiness, worry, Phobias (SAD, etc.), Relationships, ADD/ADHD, weight management, addictive behaviors and addictions (Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs) and detoxification; Childhood Illnesses and Disorders; Gynecological Disorders including PMS, Dysmenorrhea menopause and infertility; Management of Pain (Back, Neck, Headache, Joint, Sport Injuries); Allergies; Asthma; Digestive and Bowel Disorders; Skin Conditions; and, Athletic Performance enhancement, Prenatal, Pediatric and Geriatric Wellness.

Please phone the office if you wish to setup an appointment, discuss professional fees, or just to ask some questions. or just to ask some questions.Type your paragraph here.

Eastern Nutrition

TCM teaches that food and herbal spices have a therapeutic effect. Providing food with the appropriate energy and flavor can direct a food’s natural therapeutic effect to the desired organ, organ system or pathology.

Long known and practiced in the East, Meditation is now becoming more well known in the West. Meditation has been shown to have numerous beneficial physiological and therapeutic effects, including stress reduction, pain management, etc.

Ancient systems of exercises, activities,

stretches, postures, meditation and breathing

techniques widely attributed to have centering

and therapeutic effect on the body and the spirit

(SHEN), nurtures the tissues, clears toxins, and

develops the body’s immune system (Wei Qi). 

Qi Gong is often thought of as the Physical

therapy of TCM.

Tai Qi Chuan/Qi Gong
Known as the Great Dance of Health, this Chinese style is both therapeutic and martial in its scope. The Yang Style is taught for Patients with movement, coordination, balance, etc. disorders or Parkinson’s, Post Polio Syndromes, etc. Properly taught and practiced, this perfect exercise develops life force (Chi or Qi), opens the energy channels, tonifies organs, frees the spirit (Shen), nurtures the tissues, clears toxins, and develops the body’s immune system (Wei Qi). Qi Gong is often thought of as the Physical therapy of TCM.

Additional TCM Modalities:
Acupressure, Auricular Acupressure (ear seeds), Body Work (manipulations, Assisted/ Resisted/ Passive Movement/Myofascial Release + Soft Tissue Mobilization),Moxabustion, Electroacupuncture, Herbal Liniments, Gua Sha, Cupping.

Martial Arts
The Martial Arts, as the “Way of the Tao”, has

been one of the best-kept secrets of the Orient.

Martial Arts are Meditation, QI development,

self-protection, Art Form, Self-Development. 

Martial Arts provide exercise, relaxation, health

benefits, and the Martial Arts are fun!

My curriculum is a balanced, flexible approach that focuses on the needs of the individual Student. I teach and develop attributes. I instruct in my office/do jaing or, outside in my garden. Instructional is per month, one class per week, one hour per class, four classes per month, private instruction only. “I teach many different types of students, though only adults, including Black belts and experienced martial artists, people of special abilities, as well as beginners and those with health concerns.”

Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any additional questions.

Here is what noted author Dave Feldman has written about Mr. Nick Nanos in an article entitled, " Private Instruction, The Pros and Cons", for Inside Karate Magazine, January 1999:

 "Sabumnim Nick Nanos, 6th Dan, Tang Soo Do, B.S., M.A., L.M.T., of Bellmore, NY, also specializes in teaching private students. In addition to the Korean styles of Tang Soo Do and Tae Kwon Do, Mr. Nanos teaches Arnis de Mano (Philippine stick fighting), grappling arts derived from a blend of wrestling, hapkido, jiu jitsu and Chin Na; and Tai Chi Chuan as both exercise/art form and self defense.

Mr. Nanos stresses that some of the fastest people he has ever seen are elderly Tai Chi practitioners who have learned their speed through very slow, solitary practice of their forms. Muscles 'learn' to work together, never opposing one another. Neural pathways are created and reinforced, subtleties of techniques learned and mistakes corrected by performing techniques slowly. Mr. Nanos explains that "as yin flows into yang, absolute slowness flows into absolute speed."

Visualization is an important part of Mr. Nanos' private study and can be reinforced by meditation. The student visualizes attackers of different sizes approaching from different angles and learns and practices appropriate responses. Techniques are developed and scrutinized at each distance: kicking, punching, close quarters and grappling.

"The student is not limited by curriculum,"

Mr. Nanos said, when asked to rate the pros

and cons of private study. "The rate of learning

can be the student's own. Lessons can be tailored

to 1 student rather than 15. Explanations can be

geared to that person's experiences, mindset,

education level, etc. Interestingly, the role of

some private instructors is changing. I have

students who are unable, for business and

scheduling reasons, to practice on their own,

so my role has evolved to include MA, Fitness,

Health (including oriental health techniques

such as acupressure), Qi Gong (Chi Gung) and

so forth. What was intended as a private MA

session has evolved into a balanced physical, mental and spiritual program ... a kind of 1 stop shop!"

"On the downside, a student must be internally motivated because he/she will be responsible for his/her own practice. Without private practice, the instructor becomes a fitness instructor and the only progress will be in class. As mentioned above, if handled correctly this can evolve into a 'pro.' Some attributes of the class as opposed to private: When I work a drill privately with a student, judging his progress correctly may be difficult because I'm part of the drill. In large classes, the group pride in advancement, camaraderie, esprit de corps is motivational as each class member helps others. And the student may look to students of higher ranks as role models. Of course, the cost of the group is usually lower than private study."

Long Beach, Long Island writer David E. Feldman is the author of Born Of War: Based On A True Story of American-Chinese Friendship, and Bad Blood: A Long Island Mystery and Pilgrimage From Darkness, "Nuremberg to Jerusalem."  


Tai Qi Chuan/Qi Gung
The "Great Dance of Health", or the

“Great Ultimate” has been a vital part of

Oriental life for over one thousand years.

Within the scope of Tai Qi, as I believe it

should be instructed, is Meditation, QI or

"Life Force" development, Qi Gung, Martial

Arts, Taoism, in addition to exercise, relaxation,

and the less well known health benefits. Tai Qi

develops basic physical, mental and emotional

attribute required by the serious Martial Artist.



 Tae Kwon Do/Tang Soo Do
An ancient Korean Style effective in all aspects of

Martial Arts: as a self-defense, as a sport and as an

Art Form. This style has no equal in its develop-

ment of kicking techniques making this style

especially effective for the smaller and weaker

student, since legs are longer and stronger.

Through rigorous training, self-discipline,

self-confidence, and physical, mental and spiritual

fitness, alertness and sensitivity develop. In ancient

times, Masters of these Arts were the Spiritual

Leaders and Healers of their communities.

Arnis de Mano
Typical of the Martial Arts of the southwestern Pacific region, Arnis, a product of thePhilippines, specializes in stick and knife fighting, while not ignoring the empty hand and foot. Arnis turns a simple stick or rolled magazine into a lethal weapon. To this day, Arnis Masters are the Spiritual Leaders and Healers of their communities.

Grappling Arts
An eclectic gathering of techniques especially

designed for close quarter or infighting range.

Contributing styles include Free and

Greco-Roman grappling styles, Hapkido,

Jiu Jitsu, Aiki Jitsu, and Chin Na, among others.

Techniques include body throws, joint locks,

submission holds, lateral vascular chokes and

the use of "pressure points" based on Traditional

Chinese Medical channel principles. With time

the advanced student is capable of using this

knowledge to heal.

Floor Fighting/Getting to the Floor Safely
Beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques in

an area of Martial Art instruction often neglected by

other systems. Read the statistics. Most self-defense

situations end up with someone on the ground.

You need to know how to get there safely and

what to do once you’re there.

I-Liq Chuan
Literally translated as Mental Physical Martial

Art, as a Kung Fu system, emphasizes the

development of internal power through mental

attitude and awareness. I-Liq Chuan , the

Martial Art of Awareness, cultivates

consciousness based on T'ai-Chi and Ch'uan

(Zen) principles of non-assertion,

non-resistance, harmony of yin/yang,

oneness and the present moment. I-Liq Chuan is a complete Kung Fu martial art system.


Oriental Martial & Healing Arts Seminars and Lectures

Mr. Nanos lectures on a variety of Martial Art and Oriental Healing topics.
Mr. Nanos is available as a speaker and clinician offering a variety of Martial Art 
and Oriental Healing Seminars.

Mr. Nanos is a gifted lecturer and seminar provider, having 25 years of public high school teaching experience and over thirty years of teaching and providing seminar experiences. He is one of the first instructors to meld grappling skills and inside fighting to the traditional martial arts. Mr. Nanos lectures to public school classes, libraries, colleges, nursing homes, Fitness Centers and Gyms, Martial Arts Schools and Academies and other public and private venues. Mr. Nanos’ lectures and seminars are educational and entertaining!

 Oriental Healing Lectures are presented with easy to follow handouts and outlines designed for large or small groups and may include some hands on experiences.


Some Oriental Healing Lectures include:
An Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine: A Brief History of and the Modalities of Chinese Medicine; Psychology and Chinese Medicine; Stress Reduction, an Oriental Approach; The Art and Practice of Stretching and Flexibility; A Comparison of Western And Oriental Medicine; Pathology and Chinese Medicine: an Organ by Organ Perspective; The Common Cold and Allergies: Wind Cold Attack; Arthritis: Bi or Painful Obstruction Syndrome; A Brief Look at Eastern Nutrition, Weight Management and Oriental Medicine; Meditation for Health, A Group Experience.

All Martial Arts Seminars include Lecture, with easy to follow handouts, demonstrations and include participant participation. Signed release required. DVDs are available for most seminars.

Some Oriental Martial Art Seminar titles include:
The Art and Practice of Stretching and Flexibility; Getting to the Ground, Safely; Floor Fighting, Down but NeverOut; Stress Reduction: Alternative Methods with Lecture, Demonstration and Participation; Healing Qi Gong: Specifics for a Healthier Life; Grappling for Self Defense, Basic Level 1: Being on the Ground; Grappling for Self Defense, Level 2: On your Feet and Closing the Gap; Grappling for Self Defense, Advance Level: Leg Wrestling; I Liq Chuan Basics: Body Movements and the Spinning Hands; Yang Style Tai Qi Chuan for Beginners; Basic Defense Against a Stick or Stick Type Weapon.

Additional Oriental Martial & Healing Arts Services
Individual instruction: Meditation, Beginning Techniques; Advanced Meditation Techniques; Qi Gong for Specific Health Issues (personalize DVD available)

Private session tutoring: Martial Arts Kata (Forms) Competition, and competitive Sport Wrestling.

Private Readings for Health and Healing.  Please call or email for additional information.

Oriental Healing & Martial Arts  


Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles at one or more of hundreds of specific "points" for assessment and treatment according to TCM principles. Each "point" is specifically located and each has its unique function(s) and indication(s). Only sterile, single use, disposable needles are used.


2000 to present: Traditional Chinese Medical Psychiatry, Traditional Chinese Medical Pediatrics, Medical Qi gung, Nei Gung
2000: New York College, B.P.S. Degree in Health Sciences and M.S. Degree in Oriental Medicine
1998: New York College, Diploma Oriental Medicine (Acupuncture and Herbology)
1994: New Center, Massage Therapy Program Graduate
1972: Hofstra University, M. A. Biology
1969: SUNY Oswego, B.S. Biology

Martial Arts

2014 - 6th Dan Black Belt, Moo Duk Kwan, Tae Kwon Do

2008 - 5th Dan Black Belt, Moo Duk Kwan, Tae Kwon Do
2005 - Instructor, 3rd generation, of Grand Master Sam Chin, I-Liq Chuan
2004 - Disciple, 3rd generation, of Sifu Chin, I Liq Chuan
1997 - Present: I Liq Chuan student of Master Sam Chin
1988: 4th Dan Black Belt, Moo Duk Kwan, Tae Kwon Do
1976 - Present: Black Belt Instructor TKD, Arnis, Tai Qi Chuan, Qi Gong, Grappling, Yoga & Meditation
1981 - 1988 Head Instructor Bellmore Tang Soo Do
1969 - 1981, 1996  HS/JHS Wrestling Coach
1960 -  1969  Wrestler at Mepham HS and Oswego State (SUNY); 

         Coached by Frank ‘Sprig’ Gardner, Ken Hunte, and Jim ‘Legs’ Howard
Senior Student of Mr. Arthur Cohen, Tang Soo Do Arnis & Karate Center
Tai Qi Chuan Student of Master Yu Cheng Hsiang


Humanitarian Service: New Center College, 1998
Academic Excellence: New Center, 1994
Who's Who Among America’s Teachers, 1992
Who's Who in American Martial Arts, 1981
New York State Collegiate Wrestling Champion, 1967 & 1968 (SUNYAC)
Amateur Wrestling News Honorary All American 1967

Instructor: Nick Nanos - 6th Dan
B.S., M.A., B.P.S., M.S.,L.M.Th., Dipl.Ac., L.Ac.


Chinese Herbology is the foremost modality of TCM. It is the mastery of theory, strategy, herbs and formulas (li fa fang yao) for the specific function of restoring and maintaining optimal health. Patent medicines and traditional formulas are recommended where appropriate.e recommended where appropriate.

Mr. Nanos is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Licensed Acupuncturist and Diplomate of Acupuncture, and a life long Martial Artist. Before embarking on this career in Oriental Healing, Mr. Nanos taught public school Biology/Science for 25 years. His avocation is the Martial Arts having studied and taught the Martial Arts as a sport, as self defense and as an art form for more than 50 years. The highest level of attainment in Martial Arts is not hurting and harming, but rather, helping and healing. Traditionally, the Martial Art Master was the Healer and Spiritual Leader of his community. This exposure to Oriental philosophy, Buddhism and Taoism gained through the Martial Arts, and extensive background of Western sciences and biology have brought Mr. Nanos to Oriental Martial and Healing Arts.