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Greg Hines and Professor Arthur Cohen  Bronx House of Detention Summer 1996  "In Memory of Greg Hines"  Mr. Hines Received his Black Belt  under Master Richard Chun

We are looking for photos of past or present you would like to share with the rest of us here at Dojos.Com.

Ernie Reyes Jr. and

Professor Arthur Cohen 1991

Photo Gallery

Circa 80's L-R Tom Magnaie, ?, Joe Seripia, John Olshlager, Wally Jay, ?, Bob malvagno Arthur Cohen, Jeff Lovering and Charles Barrett.  If you know the others please correct and contact me.

Grand Master Remy Presas and
Professor Arthur Cohen at
training seminar in CT 1983

Arthur Cohen getting his lumps from Joe Hayes Black Belt Hall of Fame and #2 rated fighter in USA 1969 & 70 placed 2nd at 1st World Tea Kwon Do Championship in Korea