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  • Arnis Philippine stick and knife fighting
  • Iaido - Ryushin Jigen Ryu
  • Jo - Aikido and Iaido styles
  • Sang Fong Tai Chi Chuan Yang style: (as taught by Master Hsiang Yu)
  • I-Liq Chuan (spinning hands and Chin-Na)
  • Aikido: beginner, intermediate and advanced levels (practical combative street)
  • Aikido Plus
  • Aikido Hanbo/Cane usage
  • Floor Fighting: (designed by Arthur Cohen)
  • ISC Control Points

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Super Summer Seminars

​35 Years and Continuing

July 2017

Event Location:
Herkimer County Community College 
100 Reservoir Rd.,  Herkimer, NY 13350
(See Map to HCCC)

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