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  • Certified and/or Trained in numerous police programs e.g. ISC Control Points, PPCT Pressure Points, Handgun Retention, Police Baton, Pepper Spray etc.
  • 7th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.
  • Director of Training ISC Control Points
  • Certified Instructor in Amis de Mano (Philippine Stick & Knife Fighting)
  • Listed as an "expert witness" in 7 state and regional law directories covering 20+ states.
  • Graduate of "Stand Up University" at Governor's Comedy Club and a "certified" funny guy.
  • Featured Speaker, New Jersey Governor's Safety Award Program 1996.

Tang Soo Do Karate Center

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Worlds Gym • 3728 Park Ave.
Wantagh, NY 11793

Mailing Address
PO Box 723 
Nesconset, NY 11767
Telephone: 631-360-8827

What is TAE KWON DO?

Tae Kwon Do is a Korean Martial Art designed for unarmed self defense and counterattacks. Tae Kwon Do is the art of kicking and punching. It incorporates the linear movements of Karate (Okinawan-Japanese style of fighting) and flowing circular patterns of Kung Fu (Chinese styles). It is greatly know for its unique kicking techniques not comparable to any of the two mentioned styles.

What will it teach me?
Tae Kwon Do will develop and teach you to have a feeling of security through physical fitness, poise and grace and sporting unarmed . (the most important thing, however, is that it gives you a peace in mind-confidence and self-discipline of yourself.)

1. Self defense - Essentially the art of Korean Karate is the art of self-defense and designed for protective reasons. This is why Karate should not be used wrongly or violently. Karate, however, requiring only a minimum of strength and physical contact, has become the favorite type of self-defense for women.

2. Patience - Man is a soul and has what he calls a mind and body. Through proper training of this art a Karate person is able to clearly understand himself and knowing his truth he becomes a freer person who can keep his patience and use correct judgment in all affairs.

3. Courage - Karate strengthens the will and fortifies a person against obstacles, weakness, disappointments and the discouragements of life so he may enjoy greater health, peace and happiness.

Charles Barrett has been training in martial arts since 1973 and is currently a 5th Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do under Master Arthur Cohen. and co-owner of the Tang Soo Do Karate Center started by Master Arthur Cohen, and is one of the oldest schools on Long Island NY established in 1967.

Also owner and developer of and on line marketing. was developed to spread the knowledge of many different arts to a large visitor base.  It can also help other martial artists to learn and then cross train in arts that they find missing in their current training.  No one art covers everything. Also many of the marital artists on our site are personal friends and colleagues.

the Defensive Tactics. Newsletter for research and development in the field of criminal justice defensive tactics and personal safety training.

Owners: Charles Barrett - 6th Dan and Jon Felske - 4rd Dan 
Founder/Master Instructor: Arthur Cohen - 9th Dan


5:30-7:00 PM

8:00-10:00 PM

Tang Soo Do Karate Center Teaching Staff

CB         Charles Barrett President        6th Dan

JF          Jon Felske  Vice President        4rd Dan

PG         Paul Glaser                             4rd Dan

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